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Tuesday30 June 2015

Our History



AMANIDA's origins can be traced back to the 20's when Mr. Francisco Trullenque Buñuel opens a grocery store in San José neighborhood in Zaragoza (Spain). This store soon became the family business for decades.

Francisco Trullenque Buñuel Clara Monforte
    Francisco Trullenque Buñuel
 Clara Monforte

Francisco Trullenque Monforte


His son, Mr. Francisco Trullenque Monforte, soon was revealed as an entrepreneurial character and, leaving the opportunity to become a bank employee, he entered into the family business successfully transforming the existing family grocery store into a food distribution company in Zaragoza for the main brands of that time which was located at Las Fuentes neighborhood of Zaragoza.

Francisco Trullenque Monforte  

In 1960 he enrolled in a new challenge, giving birth to AMANIDA, consisting of the creation of a new food processing company specialized in the elaboration of olives and pickles. Soon after, the production premises became insufficient (they were located in the basement of the distribution company) and AMANIDA was moved to a new factory built in Alagón (25 km from Zaragoza) on a 10.000 m2 ground. At the same time, as AMANIDA's business became a successful and intense one, the distribution activity was closed in order to focus all the efforts in AMANIDA as a core activity for the family business.                  

Olives Sizing Machine

Olives Sizing Machine

Nélida Adell Villanova


Once the business was consolidated in Aragón (area close to the factory), from 1965 onwards a decisive domestic expansion was carried all over Spain, beginning on Cataluña and Levante and expanding later to the rest of the national territories. Ever since the beginnings, distribution was organized through local named distributors committed to the development of the AMANIDA brand in their territories.

After several decades of domestic expansion in Spain where finally the brand was well renown, Mr. Francisco Trullenque Monforte jointly with is wife Mrs. Nélida Adell Villanova, his ever key support in the Company, were ready for new challenges.

Nélida Adell Villanova  


The 90's were a transformation decade for AMANIDA. The Company began to look out of the Spanish boundaries right to the rest of the world. Mainly based on the participation at the main international food exhibitions all over the world, AMANIDA attained a big international expansion and today is present in more than 20 countries of 4 continents.

Francisco Trullenque and Nélida Adell
  Francisco Trullenque and Nélida Adell


In 2008 his son, Mr. Francisco J. Trullenque Adell, after a long and succesful professional career for over 20 years in the Strategy Consulting Industry, integrates into the family business conducting a smooth succession of the Company's leadership.

Francisco Trullenque Adell
Francisco J. Trullenque Adell

Inspired on the family's tradition and success over more of 50 years and, at the same time, bringing in his personal and professional experience advising first-level organizations, focuses on reinforcing the existing key traditional success levers (reliability, specialization, quality, innovation, differentiation, global approach) fostering, at the same time, the commercial networks, both domestic and international, guaranteeing not only continuity in the traditional pillars and success but also the genesis on a new expansion phase that addresses the challenge of growth by capturing the opportunities that a global market offers for a product and concept such differentiated as AMANIDA is.

Francisco J. Trullenque Adell is Doctor of Political Sciences (University Carlos III of Madrid), MBA of Business Administration (The University of Chicago), BA of Law (University of Zaragoza) and BS of Economic Sciences (University of Zaragoza). He has postdegree diplomas from The John F. Kennedy School of Government of the Harvard University, from the Harvard Business School and from the IESE Business School. He was President of The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Spain (2006-2011) and currently he is Associate Professor of Strategy at the IE Business School of Madrid.