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Friday03 July 2015


We are a Spanish Company specialized on the elaboration of premium quality Olives & Pickles for the Gourmet / Specialty market. Our products are unique with a marked personality, much different from the regular basic products.

They stand out for:

  • Being elaborated starting with the best raw materials (e.g. Queen Green Olives, Natural Black Kalamata Olives, Garlic, Baby Gherkins, Baby Onions and Sweet Pepper).
  • Having deliciously tasty flavours (Original, Spanish Marinade, Pesto Marinade and Green Tea Marinade) much less salty and acid than traditional products.
  • Carrying Extra Virgin Olive Oil added to all the products, on top of the specially prepared brine (depending on the flavour), that season the product while serving and bring to our preparations its unique and healthy attributes internationally acknowledged.
  • Being pasteurized and thus with a long shelf-life.